Why the washroom matters

Ensuring that a workplace looks and feels productive and inspiring is not just a case of a welcoming reception, ergonomically designed furniture or even great coffee.

The washroom is essential to any organisation that wants to build employee morale and ensure visitors have the best possible impression.

As the one place that everyone, staff and guests alike, will visit, a washroom’s design, ambience and supplies are as crucial to company image as the reception area, meeting rooms or walkways.

Because standards have been rising in the hospitality sector and beyond, people are much more accustomed to a better washroom environment. Although a great washroom isn’t always a talking point, you can be sure that a poorly equipped one will be remembered and affect staff or visitors’ perception.

Whether you are looking to create a wow factor, cater for a wide range of users, deliver cost-efficiencies or ensure the highest hygiene standards, one of your primary goals, when procuring for the washroom, should be to keep it running smoothly and efficiently and to minimise maintenance time.

Talk to your Account Manager or email facilities.supplies@BannerUK.com to find out how Banner can provide the right washroom solution for your workplace.

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