Want to motivate more? Communicate visually.


For more dynamic teams, improved meetings and motivated staff, visual communication is the answer.

From increasing participation to better information absorption, visual technologies new and old are important. Interactive whiteboards, screens, flipcharts and wipe boards are crucial to boosting employee understanding and contribution. In fact, around two in every three employees in the workplace can benefit.Visual learners make up about 65% of the population, according to the Social Science Research Network. These kinds of learners find visual information, in text and image form, the best way to create a mental image that helps advance their thoughts.

Visual learners are said to remember an impressive 75% of what they read or see. This makes demonstrations on a screen or whiteboard, and the use of diagrams, graphs and charts all the more valuable.

Mixing visual with verbal information will ensure more people benefit from a brainstorm, meeting, presentation or company briefing. Verbal learners, who learn by hearing, are said to account for about 30% of the population, with the final 5% said to be experiential learners who learn best by doing and touching.

1. Idea generation

If you want everyone to get on board during a brainstorm, then a wipe board, where all suggestions can be seen in black and white, or a myriad of colours, is the answer.

Visual details can enhance verbal discussion if the session leader notes down, briefly, every suggestion made. A wipeable board will mean participants can adapt, add to and remove the contents of the board as the meeting progresses.

For visually structuring a session, self-adhesive gridding tape can create semi-permanent grids on drywipe and magnetic boards. From there key words or ideas can be laid out in the different grids.

2. Presentation

As well as being a runaway success in classrooms up and down the land, interactive whiteboards can be valuable assets in all kinds of workplaces.

Interactive whiteboards make it easy to present and share information, and can also be installed anywhere with a wall, not just the boardroom or conference suite. Because content can be captured and shared digitally, there is no need for anyone to record and share information.

Infrared interactive whiteboards offer a multi-touch technology and multiuser experience, and are compatible with most software installed in computers.

 3. Motivation

For boosting team motivation, a collaborative goal-setting process can be invaluable.

Successful outcomes usually come from plans that everyone has had a hand in. Interactive and wipe-able boards that give everyone space to add their thoughts, wishes and ideas for moving ahead can be very useful tools.

4. Celebration

A great way to congratulate people, for smaller and larger successes alike, is in public.

Achievements can be shared between employees on a board, where ‘well done’ notes can be added in any visual format, Post-It Notes, handwritten letters or the use of marker pens.

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