Three reasons why the public sector should get telecoms right


The need for innovative thinking and effective support is nowhere more vital than in the public sector, where ever-decreasing budgets have become a given.

Where public sector teams are under pressure to achieve desired outcomes, make customer contact more streamlined and deliver services with increasing efficiency, part of this innovation and support almost certainly comes through the right telecoms solutions.

A properly considered telecoms investment will alleviate the pressures on call centre operations and workers, help more work get done by fewer people, particularly in times of shrinking budgets, and ensure resources are better optimised.

Three reasons why investment in public sector telecoms is crucial:

Increasing connectivity

An expectation of ever improving connectivity is here to stay. As PwC reports, ‘to deliver on the customer promise, public sector organisations must build ‘connected government’, seamlessly aligning multiple government departments with customer journey needs.’

Boosting productivity

The need to improve productivity presents an additional challenge in the delivery of public services as much as it does in the private sector. With figures from the Office for National Statistics showing labour productivity in January to March 2017 unchanged from levels before the economic downturn in 2007, service sectors appear to be among those struggling to increase their productivity.

While the solutions to the productivity challenge are potentially mixed, enabling customer contact to be seamless, ensuring public sector workers can focus on their work and giving staff the tools to collaborate as easily as possible, is almost certainly part of the answer.

Service continuity

Whether it’s dealing with clearing in August or unprecedented demand during a major event, telecoms equipment must be robust and reliable. Losing calls or needing to have repeat calls with customers costs money, as do misunderstandings in conversations due to inadequate equipment. The soft cost losses involved in staff being unable to work due to noise levels is another issue to be considered. The long term, damaging cost of problems like these justify the investment in effective telecoms products.

Getting it right

Good telecoms, including those that support a unified comms environment and high-quality audio conferencing facilities will make the difference. These can resolve customer issues more quickly, help teams to collaborate easily, ensure a high quality of communications between sites and see projects completed smoothly and on time.

The right headsets help to make calls easier to manage and ensure that call centre operatives are comfortable and able to work as efficiently as possible.

Jabra wired headsets offer specially designed ‘Air Shock’ filters to filter out sharp breathing noises and popping sounds often heard in conversations.

The Evolve 75 headset is a professional headset with superior Active Noise Cancellation and an integrated busy light to enhance productivity in a busy environment.

The Plantronics Blackwire 500 series have in-line controls to make it easier to answer calls and are ideal for professionals who use their PC for voice communications, with connectivity to a computer via a USB cable. Their soft leatherette ear cushions and lightweight headband make them comfortable to wear throughout a working day.

With Banner buying is easy. We offer our services to the public sector though several procurement frameworks, giving you the assurance of a partner who will provide the right telecoms solutions for your organisation at the right price.

For more details on our telecoms solutions please telephone us on 0843 538 3311, email our technology team on or view Banner’s telecoms range at

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