Sustainable technology from HP

For most large organisations, minimising environmental impact is critical when choosing, using and recycling technology.

HP helps organisations to achieve their carbon reduction goals while managing their technology assets better. Its Green Business Technology initiative enables employers to reduce costs, lower risk, achieve business growth and increase energy efficiency.

HP’s Planet Partners

HP helps customers to recycle responsibly. It recycled over 102,000 tonnes of hardware and 17,000 tonnes of ink and toner cartridges in 2016, and aims to recycle 1.2 million tonnes of hardware and supplies by 2025.

More than 75% of HP ink cartridges and 24% of HP LaserJet toner cartridges are now manufactured with ‘closed loop’ recycled plastic.

HP repair and remarketing programmes give hardware, such as PCs and printers, a new lease of life, with only products that cannot be reused sent to be recycled.

State-of-the-art processes ensure that computer hardware, empty HP printing supplies and other items are recycled responsibly.

Sustainable technology assets

Technology devices may add to any organisation’s energy consumption, but the right ones can also help to drive greater efficiencies while having less impact on the environment.

HP incorporates recycled materials in the manufacture of its products, designs them to be energy-efficient during use, and makes sure that they can be easily retired, with significant energy savings and environmental efficiencies passed to customers.

It also builds sustainable assets into its customer operations that may provide enhanced business opportunities as new government procurement incentives and requirements emerge.

Among these are HP ProLiant and Blade servers, which can help reduce server footprint and cut greenhouse gas emissions, materials, cost and energy consumption. HP ProLiant G6 includes many energy-saving features, such as HP Sea of Sensors which automatically tracks thermal activity across the server through a collection of 32 smart sensors. These sensors dynamically adjust system components such as fans, memory and input/output processing to optimise system cooling and increase efficiency.

HP’s Common Power Slot design helps reduce power waste by allowing customers to choose from four power supplies to match their specific workload. Customers can achieve more than 92 percent energy efficiency in most real-world configurations.

HP Asset Recovery Services obtain the highest return on older technology by helping organisations derive any remaining value from unwanted equipment while maintaining the highest standard of data security.


HP encourages businesses to invest in the future and maximise the past, by taking older equipment and extracting value from it to go towards the purchase of new HP products.

HP’s Hardware Return and Recycling Programme

HP’s recycling services for commercial customers include collection of equipment from customer premises, transportation to an HP authorised sorting and waste facility, management and control of the whole logistic and recycling chain, special solutions by arrangement and certificates of disposal.

For more details please visit HP’s website.

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