St George's Mental Health NHS Trust


We are grateful to the Sales and Admin Teams at Banner for working in partnership through the NHS Framework preferential scheme to provide specific pieces of furniture to support the Trust’s requirements for changing environments and smarter ways of working …

In many cases the requirements are specific to a Service and require special attention and occasional shorter lead times than would normally be expected of a supplier.

To this end the Trust have adopted a Call Off system for very specific needs, so that the Trust’s staff moves to new Office and Service environments can be met efficiently. Banner was most helpful in providing samples of very specific furniture items to be tested prior to placing firm orders to meet our strict requirements.

Banner further provided an excellent service for one of our latest moves and worked very closely with us, not just for the delivery as anticipated, but installations to ensure the final handover for the respective Service team move into the environment ran smoothly.

Trevor Quinton MCMI
Capital Projects/Space Rationalisation Manager, Estates & Regeneration Team

About South West London & St Georges Mental Health NHS Trust

The trust is a leading provider of mental health services across south west London and a beacon of excellence for many of our national mental health services.

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