Shredding Security with Acco

An effective paper security policy for fraud prevention

Identity crime is becoming increasingly common in today’s open environment, with criminals gaining access to sensitive information both on and off-line. From acquiring stolen personal information, criminals can clone your identity, and subsequently open new bank accounts, take out loans in your name, tamper with sensitive documents, or purchase items on your behalf, at a great cost to you. It can also cause serious harm to your personal and professional reputation.

The UK’s leading fraud prevention service, Cifas, has released new figures in April 2018, reporting that identity fraud is continuing to rise, hitting an all-time high of 174,523 cases in 2017[1]. Therefore, fraud prevention measures are vital, and must be in place to prevent you falling victim.

Shredding is one method that is particularly important for fraud prevention in environments that hold sensitive physical documentation. Auto Feed shredding is an effective method in preventing fraudulent activity from stolen physical documents, protecting your business and employees from identity fraud, avoiding fines and potential legal action, especially in a GDPR era.

Rexel Shredders

Over the past 25 years, Rexel has proven its expertise in creating and providing market leading shredding solutions, and is regarded the global leader in Auto Feed technology. Rexel offers a large range of products with varying cut types and features available to meet the needs of all our customers. The market leading shredders incorporate anti-jam technology, cooling technology, long run times, quiet operation and SmarTech technology, which allows shredders to send notifications to users about the status of the Auto Feed shredding job. Rexel’s micro cut shredders offer the highest level of security, guaranteeing that standard sized A4 documents are shredded into 2,000 pieces, making it impossible to retrieve any information. Not only do Auto Feed shredders provide security in destroying documents, they also save time with an automated feeding element, and save money by allowing employees to focus on other jobs simultaneously.

AutoFeed shredders such as the Rexel Auto+ 600M Micro Cut Shredder, offer an efficient method to destroy highly sensitive information in the workplace to help prevent identity fraud and security breaches, from invoices to business cards, reports, receipts, marketing plans, employee records and many more.

Cashback or donate to charity when you purchase a Rexel Shredder

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For more Security Solutions view B Guide to Security.

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