Four tech procurement essentials for every multi site organisation

In any organisation, helping people to collaborate across sites to ensure all cross-site skills and expertise are maximised is vital. But this is sometimes easier said than done.

Even when communication and engagement levels are good, meetings can be a time consuming and expensive process. Efficiencies are needed to avoid hard and soft costs racking up.

Meetings held without a clear agenda and stated outcomes often cause frustration. Research has found that employees attend an average 31 hours of meetings a month and consider half of these to be a waste of time.

Without central oversight, and the right tools and training offered to all, there’s also a likelihood of some employees sourcing and installing their own tech solutions, with all the security and compliance issues this brings.

The right technology solutions, however, will create cost savings, boost productivity, streamline communication, support security and give you greater control.

1. Make location no issue

Managing a multi-site organisation increasingly means having good audio-visual conferencing facilities wherever these are needed, head office, satellite branch, building site, home or retail outlet.

Video conferencing helps businesses and employees to work flexibly from a range of locations. It optimises time and reduces the costs and stress of travel and is a fast-growing tool thanks to Skype for Business. Companies are investing in the technology to help them connect workers at multiple sites and reduce the need for face to face meetings.

A quality projection screen can help to make a meeting feel closer to the real thing. This should offer exceptional contrast and ambient light rejection properties.

In addition, many speakerphone models are designed for smoother virtual meetings, with excellent sound quality and wireless ranges of 15 to 100 metres. Features can include connection to mobile phones and audio recorders, a ‘one-step-to-join’ meeting experience and colour touch screen displays.

2. Ensure on the go printing

Choosing the right printer for sharing between locations can vastly improve workflow and efficiencies. Advanced technology is making this easier, with workers able to print wirelessly from Smartphones and tablets and from storage apps such as Dropbox.

All in one inkjet printers can be sited wherever they are needed, offering all the freedom of wireless technology, the capabilities of four devices in one and access for multiple users.

Many models now allow people to print directly from their devices, with no need to hook up laptops or desktops. They enable workers to edit and scan documents from remote locations to the office and vice versa.

3. Make phone calls comfortable

If employees are making daily use of the phone to cut down on commuting time, ergonomics need to be factored in.

Headsets remove the strain of cradling a phone between the shoulder and neck and can help improve posture. They ensure people can move around an office and not miss a call. Corded headsets are great for audio quality and ideal for anyone who usually works at their desk for most of the day.

4. Procure better

Multi-site doesn’t mean you need a mix of technologies from a wide range of suppliers.

If your people are dealing with various suppliers this will involve a lot of delivery arrangements, a mix of invoicing and contractual arrangements and multiple suppliers to manage. All of this will cost you more, and cost your people their time.

Giving employees one simple, user-friendly way to order supplies will make a huge difference. Better procurement will reduce your supply base and lower workloads, time and costs.

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