Four reasons to smarten up your workplace act

Pristine planner or messy mastermind? Whatever your working style, keeping things in the right places in the office really does matter. From building confidence in others to staying safe, here’s why we all need well-ordered workplaces and dapper desks:

1. It tells the world about you

Piles of paper, old coffee cups or boxes on the floor give visitors and colleagues an impression of the way you work. If you want to project competence and professionalism, people don’t just rely on your words. If they see mess they may make assumptions, some of which may not reflect positively on you, or your organisation.

Conversely, desks and an office space set up for efficient working will communicate a sense of order, reassure potential customers and business partners, and show that you have things under control.
If you need to keep paperwork and files, then store these safely, rather than leave them lying around. Storage boxes from StoreStack help you to keep documents safe but enable you to quickly retrieve them thanks to transparent sides that help you identify their contents. These are suited to long term storage as their bases and corners are reinforced for extra strength and durability.

2. It’s safer

When a workplace is not organised, this brings with it accident and data protection risks. From trip hazards on the floor to data security, anything that’s kept in the wrong place can be bad news.

Making sure that ground surfaces are clear of objects that can cause a slip trip or fall accident is key. Between 2014 and 2017, the Labour Force Survey estimated that 18% of all workplace accidents were down to people slipping or tripping, which was an estimated 111,000 cases per year.

Papers left lying around is also no laughing matter, as data security matters now more than ever. After the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect in May this year, any data breach could lead to heavy penalties for organisations that haven’t adequately safeguarded their data. Safely storing or destroying sensitive paperwork should be a priority.

Confidential paperwork, especially any containing personal data, should be destroyed once it is no longer legally or practically needed. Fellowes’ shredder range includes high security shredders that can shred each sheet of A4 paper into thousands of tiny fragments. These papers then become virtually impossible to re-assemble and read.

3. It’s extra efficient

You are less likely to waste time moving from one project to another if every item in your workplace has a designated place and you can quickly locate what you need.

Where work environments are chaotic they are also likely to be less efficient. Organised workplaces help people to be more productive, create less stress for everyone and save time if employees are not wasting time looking for things.

One way to make finding things easier is to label them. The DYMO® LabelWriter™ Wireless label printer can print labels directly from Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets using the built-in Wi-Fi. This dedicated label printer with direct thermal print technology helps prevent unnecessary sheet label waste by printing exactly the right number of labels and eliminates the need for costly desktop printer ink or toner.

4. It’s space saving

Most organisations are looking for ways to reduce office costs and create the kinds of workspaces that attract new employees. By removing clutter and investing in clever storage, businesses can maximise space for the types of areas that all working generations value, from break out to leisure spaces.

Moving to less desks with a hot desking solution, removing old filing cabinets and investing in digital storage are just a few steps to more floor space.

For digital storage, consider hardware encrypted storage solutions that can safeguard data with high strength, military grade security features. These include the Safexs Protector USB 3.0 Flash Drive, a portable data protection tool that protects sensitive data from unauthorised access and accidental loss, with built-in encrypted backup. The 64GB flash drive includes auto-destruct setting to delete data past a specified date and time and can be set to read only to prevent malware infections.

With Banner you can create the perfect storage and organisation system for your workplace. You can download Banner’s guide here: B Guide to Storage and Organisation.

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