Five reasons stationery stays close to our hearts

Celebrate National Stationery Week 2018 with Banner

It’s time to celebrate all things pen and paper, because National Stationery Week 2018 is just around the corner.

The annual event, which runs from 23 to 29 April this year, provides a reminder that many of us still choose to write by hand, and that people of all ages continue to find the business of choosing personal and work stationery an enjoyable task.

Why, in the face of digital alternatives, does stationery continue to take a big role in the way we work and play? Here are just five reasons that explain some of the psychology behind our decision to scribble on paper as well as, or instead of, a screen:

1. Universal appeal

Pen and paper give everyone the freedom to express themselves. From young children to seasoned writers, being able to pick up a pencil, crayon, biro or fountain pen and start expressing our thoughts is a very human activity.

From their earliest days, many toddlers love creating exciting characters and worlds on paper. For older minds, journalling has become popular in recent years. Keeping a handwritten journal is shown to have lots of benefits, including helping to bring plans to life. The act of writing thoughts down is said to help us work plans through, evaluate them and capture fleeting thoughts and passions.

Perfect for dazzling colouring pages, journals and notes, Sharpie Art Pens come in bold, brilliant colours that won’t bleed through paper. Quick-drying, with acid-free ink that’s water, fade and smear resistant, these pens’ fine points can draw sharp details.

2. Creative flow

 Despite laptop, desktop and tablet options, many famously creative people realise that ideas flow more freely when they write them down. JK Rowling is said to have used just a pen and paper to draft all the pages of the early Harry Potter novels, and Quentin Tarantino is renowned for creating his film scripts with a mix of red and black pens.

For setting up the perfect creative or work space, desk accessories are a great way to express your personality and style. The Leitz WOW desk accessories range includes an eye-catching, premium quality Leitz Pen Holder in striking and stylish metallic dual colours, with a high-gloss finish.

3. Grabbing the moment

Authors, poets, songwriters and bloggers never know where or when their next flash of inspiration will come from, or when it may happen. From capturing that perfect opening line for a novel to being struck by a catchy line for a song, wherever this happens, a pen and paper may be the only way to record that thought. From scribbling down an idea after waking in the middle of the night, to penning a few lines on a train journey, there is nothing easier than a handy notebook and pen.

The stylish and colourful Europa Notemaker notebooks range from Exaclair feature hardwearing pressboard covers and a wire binding, which allows these notebooks to lie flat for easy use. These A6 notebooks come in red, yellow, blue, green or purple covers.

4. Keeping it personal

The notebooks and pens we choose tell the world something about us that a device simply cannot. The colour, shape and textures choices of stationery offer a much more individual range of options than the grey, black or white of most devices.

With a vibrant neon case, Papermate’s Non-Stop Automatic Pencils range comes in a selection of attractive transparent neon colours and is great for handwriting and technical drawing. Simply twist the tip to expose fresh lead with the spring-powered action. There’s an eraser on the end too, for quick removal of mistakes.

5. Feeling valued

What shows appreciation better than a written thank you note or birthday card?  Taking the time to write a letter to someone may be more old-fashioned than sending a text but if you really want to let someone know you’re thinking of them, there is nothing better than this kind of personal touch.

Environmentally friendly Basildon Bond envelopes are made from smooth, white, 100% recycled 100gsm paper. With a simple and secure peel and seal closure, these envelopes are suitable for A5 sheets folded once, or A4 sheets folded twice.

Perfect for drawings, cards, designs, adult colouring and beautiful illustrations, the Hybrid Dual Metallic range from Pentel is a selection of pens that produce iridescent colour that reveals a different shade from a different angle. Perfect for a creative twist on a thank you card or letter, you’ll see two different shades produced by the same pen if you write on white paper and then dark coloured paper.

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