Five advantages of buying British furniture

Designing a new workspace raises a fair few questions. Such as, how much space is available and how many people to accommodate now and in the future.

There’s also a matter of operations, the roles people fulfil, working practices and, importantly, the kind of environment that will motivate employees and support productivity. When it comes to furnishing your surroundings, there is also the question of where your furniture supply comes from. There can be advantages to procuring from closer to hand as well as from further afield.

While procurement functions will look for solutions that support changing working practices, incorporate technology and improve digital practices, among other factors, it’s also worth having the discussion about whether to buy closer to home.

Here are five arguments for procuring workplace furniture from UK suppliers:

1. See and feel first hand

It’s hard to envisage a product from a website image or brochure. When a considerable investment is on the cards it isn’t unusual for buyers to jump on a plane to visit showrooms and manufacturing facilities abroad to be able to make their decision.

If the supply option is in the UK, these substantial travel costs are taken out of the equation. One example comes from manufacturer Senator. Among the benefits they offer are showrooms and mobile exhibition vehicles that allow prospective customers to look, touch and feel their products first hand. They offer to go to customers and take their product selections to showcase concepts and selected products.

2. Project proximity

The design and creation of a new state of the art working space isn’t an overnight task. Once you’ve decided to work with a British manufacturer, the logistics of seeing the project through are often simpler.

Working with manufacturers nearer to your doorstep can prove useful if you need to visit their production facilities regularly, inspect products and if you regard face to face contact with suppliers as key to a smoother running project.

3. Design and manufacturing together

When design and production teams working for the same company can collaborate easily, face to face, because they’re in the same country, it can be reasoned that sharing of knowledge is simpler and quality is improved.

Famous for the MultiDrawer, Bisley is a British-born business with one manufacturing site in Newport, South Wales. Its product developers work with production, ensuring an on-going connect between design and manufacturing.

4. Quality standards

British manufacturers such as Senator offer quality assurance, highlighting that every one of its products has been through a rigorous testing system and customers’ requirements are adhered to with a strict ‘Right First Time’ and ‘Zero-Defect’ policy.

With its UK sites accredited with ISO9001 since 1991, the company a full member of FIRA and all its products independently tested to all relevant international standards, it believes its products are the best that they can be.

5. Job creation

It goes without saying that procurement choices often affect employment. Buying locally can mean creating and supporting British jobs.

Choosing businesses that support apprenticeships can also help people get their feet on the employment ladder. Bisley shares stories about the apprenticeships it has helped to create over the last 20 years, including one apprentice now working in its tool room, observing and learning the design, construction and maintenance of the precision tools that go into its machines.

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