With Banner this charity saved time, money and effort

When Banner responded to a stationery tender from a public sector charity, we worked with the customer to meet this specific office product need, but also went beyond to help consolidate their workplace supplies and even integrate a fully managed washing machines and dishwashers service.

This helped the charity to make considerable operational improvements, reduce time-consuming non-core activities for their people and lower spend across all their workplace supplies.

With Banner they got results!

– Supply base reduced to one, saving time, money and admin
– A 23% saving on chemical costs
– Training support to all end users
– One consolidated invoice
– Fewer deliveries
– Easier supplier management for all staff
– Everyone has more time to work!

Working in partnership with people across their organisation, we helped to identify their facilities supplies, cleaning and other needs, and found out that they were dealing with seven suppliers. This meant seven different arrangements for deliveries, seven invoicing and contractual arrangements and seven suppliers for their people to order from.

Today, the charity buys everything from Banner, which has reduced their supplier base from 7 to 1. Workload, admin time and costs have all been reduced.

Workplace supplies plus a managed washing machine and dishwasher service

When our customer asked for support on their extensive washing machine and dishwasher portfolio, our answer was yes. We set to work to find the best solution and we now provide them with a fully managed service on all washing machines and dishwashers.

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