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Tough enough to perform in any environment

When you need a label that lasts in any environment, you need the new Avery range of resistant labels. As the name suggests, these labels are resistant to oil, dirt, water, tearing, UV and even extreme temperatures.

Available in white and silver material, these strong, self-adhesive labels are designed for permanent marking and will stay put on a range of surfaces. Most importantly, the information on your label will remain legible, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

The tough design of Avery Resistant Labels makes them ideal for a variety of workplace tasks, from naming lockers and hard hats to labelling storage spaces and tools. They’re also well-suited for signage, barcoding and asset identification labels.

You can put your trust in Avery Resistant Labels when it comes to labelling and signage for outdoor areas too, especially where there are health and safety requirements. These labels can handle the weather, from frost to harsh UV rays. They can even withstand temperature extremes from -20°C to + 80°C for white labels and -40°C to +150°C for silver labels. So, use them outside, in the freezer or on surfaces frequently exposed to water. With Avery Resistant Labels your message will always be clear.

What’s more, with the free online template software available from Avery, you can design your own labels or signage and simply print them on demand. Use the software to create naming and identification labels in your company colours, featuring your company logo or to make QR codes and barcodes for products and property. Avery Design & Print even includes a range of health & safety labelling templates, from warning signs to GHS pictograms as well as many other free designs and images. Available FREE from www.avery.co.uk/print

For more information visit www.avery.co.uk/industrial-solutions

New Avery Resistant Labels

Item No. Product Code Description Colour Label Size (MM) Labels Per Sheet Label Per Pack
L4773-20 424 1313 Heavy Duty Labels White 64.6 x 33.8 24 480
L7060-20 424 1313 Heavy Duty Labels White 63.5 x 38.1 21 420
L7036-20 007 0572 Heavy Duty Labels White 99.1 x 38.1 14 260
L4774-20 007 0571 Heavy Duty Labels White 99.1 x 139.0 4 80
L4774-20 424 1314 Heavy Duty Labels White 210.0 x 297.0 1 20
L6008-20 424 1308 Heavy Duty Labels Silver 25.4 x 10.0 189 3780
L6009-20 424 1307 Heavy Duty Labels Silver 45.7 x 21.1 48 960
L6011-20 424 1306 Heavy Duty Labels Silver 63.5 x 29.6 27 540
L6012-20 424 1305 Heavy Duty Labels Silver 96.0 x 50.8 10 200
L6013-20 424 1311 Heavy Duty Labels Silver 210.0 x 297 1 20


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