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With Banner a leading automotive retailer saves up to 24% every year

We have worked in partnership with one of the largest automotive retailers in the UK for many years, managing an office supplies account worth over £400,000.

We have enabled our automotive customer to improve efficiencies while continuing to meet stringent service level agreements.

As its sole supplier of stationery and IT consumables, we have worked with the customer to deliver on-going cost savings, year on year, of between 9% and 24%.

Multi-site location

With Banner you receive personalised, flexible support. Our people team up with people at our customer’s head office and its regional sites, providing advice and support wherever and whenever needed.

This partnership approach has enabled our customer to lower its procurement costs. One example includes taking our advice to switch the type of toner cartridges in use, creating a substantial 29% saving for the contract.

We provide a next day delivery service to all our customer’s locations using our in-house delivery fleet. We have helped the customer to put appropriate authorisation processes in place, so when people order via an online system, from any location, our customer can manage expenditure at every location and cost centre.

Customers trust Banner because we continually demonstrate how to make savings. We work proactively with our customers to cut unnecessary costs and we always deliver exceptional quality.

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