With Banner this multi-site, worldwide operation is supported

Headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, Almac Group is a well-established contract development and manufacturing organisation that provides an extensive range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

With operations in the UK, Ireland, US and Asia, our customer’s workplace supplies needs are wide ranging, spanning all the product categories, specialist product areas and geographies.

With Banner this customer made its procurement simpler and more cost-effective

Almac Group is a huge operation with numerous business units. When we started working with them, we discovered they were supported by seven different suppliers. This meant seven organisations for employees to manage on ordering, day to day communications, invoicing and deliveries.

We explained the huge time and cost-saving benefits of rolling all their purchases in the various categories into one arrangement, through the one-stop-shop service that Banner can provide.

We went through a tender process where we demonstrated the efficiency benefits of our online ordering system, and proved how competitive our pricing is. This led to our being awarded the cross-category contract.

We worked with our customer to align all their business units and transition all their orders into an online system, whether these orders were for stationery, computer consumables or tech equipment.

With Banner they get an in-depth spend analysis

On a quarterly basis we support Almac by looking at purchases made across the business and analysing this spend. This enables us to identify areas for savings, help Almac to suggest alternative, more cost-effective products to their business units and identify peaks in demand.

With Banner all their cleaning needs are met

When the customer’s facilities supplies contract was due for renewal, we showed them our cleaning product offering. Because this category could be integrated into the same online ordering solution and included in our quarterly spend analyses, it made complete sense for our customer to award us this contract.

With Banner specialised supplies are no problem

Our contract with Almac includes a high number of specialised items which we source on their behalf. This enables them to continue to benefit from the efficiencies of working with one supplier.

Our working relationship has seen the number of product areas that we support Almac on continue to grow. We now supply their branded stationery, including business cards, compliments slips and letterhead and support the business across its global operations, arranging translations of this printed stationery into a wide range of languages.

With Banner any last minute, urgent requests can be met

With a partnership that involves supporting our customer across many specialist product areas, our complete reliability for quickly sourcing and delivering the usual, and the less usual, goods, is just one part of the service.

If products are needed urgently for shipping into head office and then out same day to another part of their global operation, we make sure this happens.

With Banner you can consolidate

Working with Banner has enabled Almac to reduce its total number of vendors and resulting invoices, saving considerable time and resource in-house. We estimate that this arrangement has led to a 25-30% reduction in manual processes.

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